12 Jan 2012, 05:32pm BY Sobana Damodaran


    A money changer sufferred losses of about 400,000 ringgit in a daring daylight robbery this morning.

    The outlet located at the IOI Mall in Puchong, had just opened for business when two men armed with parangs walked in at about 10am.

    The security guard however was taking a break at that time.

    According to Serdang police chief, ACP Abdul Razak Elias, the two robbers who were wearing baseball caps, ordered the workers not to raise an alarm.

    The robbers then tied up their hands and sealed their mouths with masking tape before escaping with the money from the counter.

    The two victims later managed to untie themselves and called the police.

    The suspects escaped on foot by crossing over to the commercial centre on the opposite side.