A Prosperous Chinese New Year with ntv7, 8TV, & one FM

ntv7, 8TV, and one FM brought the “Year of the Rabbit” to an all-new high, as the media were given a glimpse of the spectacular Chinese New Year album during the press launch today. This also marks the first CNY album collaboration between the three stations. This special album with its theme – “阖家团圆一起发” (he jia tuan yuan yi qi fa or “The Family Reunion and Prospering Together”) – is set to bring about an auspicious and fun-filled Lunar New Year with its launch on 4th December in all major music distributors around Malaysia. 

In a fabulous kick-off ceremony, ntv7, 8TV, and one FM, gave guests a taste of the upcoming album with two of its amazing music videos – “团圆饭” (tuan yuan fan or “Reunion Dinner”) and “快乐178” (kuai le 178 or “Happy 178”). The hosts introduced the entertaining line-up of 28 artistes, DJs, hosts, and news presenters who are part of this special CNY album. Fans will be delighted to know that line-up consists of one FM’s Nicholas, Jane, Jack, Kyan, Sumi, Suki, Lucas, and Ryan; ntv7’s Melvin, William, Aenie, Frederick, Leslie, Tiang Kah Chee, Hishiko, Monday, Kyo, and Mayjune; as well as 8TV’s Gary, Owen, Ong Ching Yee, Rickman, Winson, Mei Sim, Orange, Lawrence, and Ultimate Power Group Season 2 winner, Super Bang.

There are 10 songs in the album and since Chinese New Year means all things new, ntv7, 8TV, and one FM will be giving its audience four new songs including – “团圆饭” (tuan yuan fan or “Reunion Dinner”), “快乐178” (kuai le 178 or “Happy 178”), “圆圆满满” (yuan yuan man man or “A Fulfilling New Year”), and “彩色新年” (cai se xin nian or “A Colourful New Year”). Other songs in the album include – “财神老爷下凡了” (cai shen lao ye xia fan le or “The God of Prosperity is Here!”) and “桃花朵朵开” (tao hua duo duo kai or “The Blossoming Peach Flower”). 

Listeners will also be up for a pleasant surprise as two of the country’s top music composers – Tang Xiao Kang and Zhang Guo Xiang – collaborate in composing all 10 songs, promising a great start to the year! It is also their first time composing Chinese New Year songs, giving listeners a fresh new experience. The song, “圆圆满满” (yuan yuan man man or “A Fulfilling New Year”), is also the theme song for ntv7’s upcoming CNY telemovie – The Super Match Maker, debuting on the first day of Chinese New Year, 3rd February at 10 p.m. 

Meanwhile, the “彩色新年” (cai se xin nian or “A Colourful New Year”) music video features 8TV’s personalities spring cleaning an old folks home in Petaling Jaya, giving the folks a “brand new” home befitting the New Year. Apart from that, the music video for “桃花朵朵开” (tao hua duo duo kai or “The Blossoming Peach Flower”) has one FM’s DJs’ Jack and Jane playing students, while Kyan makes a special appearance with his funky hairdo.  

In addition to the stellar performers, fans can also look forward to the slick recording and editing of all the music videos, which were filmed in various places such as Ipoh, Melaka, and Sekinchan. ntv7, 8TV, and one FM have also combined the best Chinese New Year traditions in the album which include amazing props and specially tailored costumes, giving fans a unique feel of Chinese New Year.

The album will go on sale nationwide in all major music distributors on 4th December. To be the first to grab the limited edition CD and DVD CNY album package, and to meet the stars in person, fans should mark their calendars for 3rd December, which is when the album first goes on sale and the stars will be at Bukit Tinggi Jaya Jusco for a special meet and greet session. Fans should not miss this chance to pick up the limited edition for the perfect CNY gift or keepsake. The album will be available in CD, VCD, and DVD format. 

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