First Chinese New Year telemovie by the Home of Feel Good!

Malaysians can now avoid flocking into the crowded cinema during the first day of Chinese New Year to enjoy their favourite Lunar New Year movie in the comfort of their homes, with world class cinematographic and storyline as ntv7, the Home of Feel Good presents to all Malaysians its first ever Chinese New Year telemovie – The Superb Match Makers. The much-awaited telemovie and one of the channel’s biggest productions for 2011 will premiere on the first day of Chinese New Year, Thursday, 3rd February at 10 p.m.

“We were putting ourselves in the shoes of consumers whereby occasionally during Chinese New Year, we had to pay to watch a brand new Chinese New Year movie. With that in mind, we were thinking why not give all Malaysians a chance to watch a decent brand new Lunar New Year movie for free, without having to go through the hassle of queuing up in the cinema, hence, The Superb Match Makers,” says Lai Cheah Yee, Manager, Brand Management Group of ntv7. 

The Superb Match Makers is sponsored by Yeo’s as the main sponsor and partnering ntv7 in this one of a kind telemovie is media partner from oneFM radio station.

One of the telemovie’s big draw is its stellar and massive cast of Malaysian stars and personalities, comprising over 10 main actors and actresses including Melvin Sia (Best Actor & Most Popular Actor, Golden Awards), Yeo Yann Yann (Best Actress, Golden Awards), William San, Chua Pei Xuan, Mayjune Tan, Leslie Chai, Lin Jing Miao, Monday Kang, Hishiko Woo, Frederick Lee, Owen Yap (Best Variety & Entertainment Programme Host, Best News & Current Affairs Programme Host, Golden Awards), Tiang Kah Chee and others.

The Superb Match Makers is a romantic comedy of five destined match makers on a mission to break a curse before they turn 30 or they will be single for the rest of their lives. Directed by Kethsvin Chee, the telemovie is a local production in the truest sense of the word, showing a very Malaysian sense of humour and dealing with a variety of classic and contemporary themes. 

“The storyline reflects the traditional days of Chinese match making as a norm practised by most villagers. Set in Pasir Penambang, Kuala Selangor, The Superb Match Makers gleefully enriched the Chinese traditional culture by taking shots at every essence of a busy wet market, villagers on bicycles, the old Chinese temple and a little hut at the beach of the village,” adds Cheah Yee. 

The story began when five innocent kids were sworn to be siblings and aspired to be match makers under Mei Po’s guidance. Vowed to match make all fated pairs, they have to fulfill this promise before they turn 30 or they will have to stay single for the rest of their lives. The scene then fast forwarded to twenty years later when one of them is now a music teacher. 

Hong Niang, played by Malaysian-born international actress, Chua Pei Xuan, was transferred back to Pasir Penambang’s primary school to be the music teacher there. As soon as she arrives in her hometown for the first time after many years, Hong Niang makes her first stop at the roasted pork stall owned by Ah Gan, played by William San. It was love at first sight for Ah Gan when he meets Hong Niang. 

While Hong Niang is decent and ladylike, Ah Gan on the other hand is a sloppy person in his shabby clothes. Ah Gan who is shy and quiet has been labelled a pervert by the villagers when his first love, Meng Hua (Aenie Wong), left the village without a word ten years ago. Since then, Ah Gan has had difficulties falling in love again.

Meanwhile, Hong Niang reunites with her elder sister, Ah Jiao (Tiang Kah Chee), a loud and cheerful person who became a Datin when her newlywed husband, Ah Fu (Owen Yap) was awarded the ‘Datuk’ title. She also meets her cousins, Shi Min (Mayjune Tan) and Han Li Kang (Monday Kang). Hong Niang who has yet to settle down, is later given a big surprise when she is told about the family’s ‘treasure’ on their match making business. Little did she know that she will be taking over the business, replacing her sister as the president.  

Being a modern and open minded person, Hong Niang didn’t think further and is quick to reject such a conservative post. Ah Jiao who could not accept her sister’s decision points out that the reason why Hong Niang has never been in a relationship before is because she has been cursed and if she is unable to match make a couple before she turns 30, she will stay single forever. Intrigued and petrified, Hong Niang accepts the mission after being convinced by her sister. 

Hong Niang is then given a profile of Ah Gan, in which her mission is to match make him with someone. To accomplish her mission, she needs to find the other four match makers – Xian Gu (Yeo Yann Yann), Da Bao (Melvin Sia), Miao Miao (Lin Jing Miao), and Leslie (Leslie Chai) – who were also under the curse when they vowed at the temple with her when they were small.

The next morning, Hong Niang starts her search for the long lost match makers with the messy addresses given by her sister. She then starts off her first stop at Miao Miao’s simple and crude hair salon. Miao Miao is an optimistic and talkative person with thick make-up and big curls. Although most of the villagers find her looks rather over-the-top for village life, Miao Miao has a funny and enthusiastic character. 

Next on the list is Leslie, a passionate photographer and a loyal reader of Kafka (a post modernism author) whose photo studio is located along the main street of the wet market. Hong Niang is immediately sent out by Leslie when she arrives with her match maker fan. She later bumps into Da Bao, a mobile shop owner, riding on his modified motorbike, called the ‘Flaming Chariot’ portraying a ‘la la zhai’ (commonly known as ‘Ah Beng) look. 

And finally the last match maker, Xian Gu, known as the master of health in the village, who is also the daughter of the village head and the advisor of Pasir Penambang. She also owns a pastry shop. Xian Gu who believes that the curse will bring bad luck, dare not accept Wong Tian Cai’s (Frederick Lee) love for her. Hong Niang however, believes that Tian Cai, an honest primary school teacher and Xian Gu will be a perfect pair together. 

After rounds of sweet talks, Hong Niang finally receives nods from all four match makers to help her in her first mission. In one sunny afternoon, Hong Niang gathers the rest at the temple and follows her sister’s instruction whereby they discover the spooky chamber of secrets, which leads them to more secrets of match making. 

The chamber is filled with cobwebs and dust, cup noodles, and even milk bottles. While they were cleaning up, Miao Miao stumbles upon an old, dusty book. Filled with excitement and curiosity, the five of them flip open the first page. It is stated that the most important thing a match maker has to know is the background information, requirements of the mate, a special date for the blind date, as well as the arrangement of the date. 

The mission to match make Ah Gan then began when the four of them decided to take action in investigating Ah Gan’s background information. Their first attempt on Ah Gan however, failed miserably. Hong Niang then decides to approach Ah Gan herself, but little did she know that Ah Gan is secretly in love with her.

The four later finds out about Ah Gan’s feelings for Hong Niang when he went to see a deity in the temple, who is believed to have match making abilities in the temple, in hopes to get blessings from the deity every time he meets Hong Niang. The Four then decides to match make both Hong Niang and Ah Gan secretly.

Will Ah Gan ever succeed and get Hong Niang’s love in return? Will Hong Niang finally break the curse before she turns 30? Don’t forget to catch and watch if The Superb Match Makers will bring you a happy and prosperous ending, premiering on ntv7, the Home of Feel Good on the first day of Chinese New Year, Thursday, 3rd February, at 10 p.m.

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