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It isn’t easy to produce a remarkable documentary content that magnifies quality and benefits to a highly well-informed TV audience. The genre of documentary especially, is widely popular and accepted more in foreign countries than in Malaysia.

In an attempt to beat the odds, ntv7 has stood its grounds in providing valuable information whilst highlighting other interesting issues to its loyal viewers through Magseven, the Feel Good channel’s English documentary series.

Furthermore, its thought-provoking content that’s filled with peculiar yet useful and relevant information, has made the series gain tremendous popularity and fans nationwide, hence its third successful year of production which commenced in March this year. The latest season of Magseven documentary series still airs on every Tuesday, at 7.30pm on ntv7.

Although the documentary is fact-based, the new season is promising a unique appealing series of topics that will spark its viewers’ curiosity even more which can consequently leave them either glued to the TV, or wanting more. Its new and refreshing style of narrating will also make it impossible for the series’ fans to find it uninspiring.

Magseven does not limit its viewers to confined issues that occur within the country, it covers various matters from all corners of the world ranging from cultural diversity, humanity to even entertainment.

To welcome in its third season, Magseven paid tribute to the late Hong Kong actor and singer, Leslie Cheung. Not a lot of people realise this, but most of Leslie’s fans have their own unconventional way of expressing their condolences in memory of their beloved artiste. In this episode, Magseven will take a look on three of Leslie Cheung’s biggest fans and their journey to pay tribute to their Gor Gor (nickname for Leslie) in-conjunction with the star’s 10th year anniversary of his untimely death. They’ve decided to fold 3,000 paper cranes as paper crane is known to be a universal symbol of freedom, and to transcend culture and race.

Among other bizarre topics that are featured in this season is the “Hello Africa” episode where the documentary centers its focus on the studies of cultural emergence and the general perceptions that are commonly associated with Africans; “The Art of Eight Limbs” emphasises on the art of Muay Thai; in the “Missing Treasure” episode, Magseven takes on a slightly different take in story-telling by focusing on just one extremely ambitious man whose lifelong desire is to acquire his own museum toy. In fact, to add more variety into the mix, there is also an episode that revolves around a man and a woman that is torn between modern and traditional beliefs in love. Will they ever find a way to resolve their confusion in order to find their soul mate?

According to Magseven’s Executive Producer, Hisham Abdullah, ntv7 viewers will have the privilege to experience a variety of techniques in approaching creative narrating whilst, the show also travels a lot more to interesting destination to investigate on respective issues to ensure the documentary series will channel the most interesting stories and leave the viewers with the most effective and interesting impact.

“We try to implement various narrating styles but at the same time, we do not want to take away the original essence of the story like how it was told to us by the subjects in all of our episodes,” said Hisham.

“Magseven tells stories about an individual that is skilled in their own preferred industry and how they execute it in the most unique way possible, coupled with their integrity and ambition to succeed. Narrating-technique wise, we try to lean towards how society would see and understand the story in a stereotypical way. We hope, the more we unravel the story to the public, the higher the chances of society re-adjusting their preconceived notion on the issue at hand,” he added.

In the episode “A Glass of Jazz” that will be aired this coming 9 April, Hisham, together with Magseven’s very own broadcast journalist Penny Mah, will be delving into the world of music where pianist, Tay Cher Sian’s undeniable passion for the art of Jazz, and singer Winnie Ho’s obsession in finding the true meaning of Jazz. This documentary that is edited in film-style will undoubtedly give more dimension and understanding on the subject to its viewers.

Among other broadcast journalists that will be covering the stories this season are Sasha Bashir, Annahita Bakavoli, Mohd Nazrul Tahir, as well as Sheahnee Iman Lee who will also be lending her voice as one of the narrators.

Delivered in the English language, Magseven has all the elements that can educate and convey credible facts that are relevant to viewers all across ages. Stay tuned with Magseven that has now proudly entered its third year of production with more interesting coverage on every Tuesday, 7.30pm, exclusively on ntv7, the Home of Feel Good.

Among interesting topics that will be featured in the latest season:

·         Malaya Tin Miners and China, 23 April 2013

o   Magseven’s broadcast journalist and cultural historian, Dr. Ong Seng Huat travels to Guangzhou, China to unravel its Industrial Revolution history that drove the Hakka Chinese to ‘Tanah Melayu’. This episode will showcase insightful information on the ‘collective’ culture that has been instilled within this group of Chinese descendants that have also automatically brought in the influences of Feng Shui. 

·         Animal Ambulance, 30 April 2013

o   Not only humans require emergency ambulance in times of need, animals do too! Watch this exciting coverage on Malaysia’s first Animal Ambulance on Magseven.


More information on upcoming episodes will be revealed later.

Watch Magseven’s latest season every Tuesday, at 7.30pm, exclusively on ntv7 or watch a replay of each episode online at For more information, log onto or follow ntv7 on Facebook and Twitter.


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